Sunday, December 19, 2010

BAM! Africa is scary too!

You should have seen the lightning storm we had last night! Everyone ended up huddled in the middle of the floor as it pounded around us! I was watching out the window and saw the lightning travel down some wires outside the house jumping out to trees. Sounded like several M1000’s (fireworks)popping all around. It left my ears ringing! The EMP energy was great enough to make the fluorescent tubes glow even though the power was off. Our house tripped some breakers and I had to restart the fluorescent bulbs but not too much damage. I think the house next door suffer some fried wires…. I hope our house stays safe! But the view from the top of the hill where we live is great!

A week ago the adrenaline was pumping because of the animals in the road! After a day viewing the animals on Safari with our friend Jacquie, we felt happy for seeing, Hippos, Zebras, Antelope, Water Buck, Wart Hog, along with many birds and other animals. We were doubly blessed because most of the animals were escorting babies alongside. But, we still hadn't seen any elephants and the boys wanted to see an elephant in the wild! So, as dusk was falling all around we headed towards the exit. Driving the last half kilometer our path was suddenly blocked by the elephant! And it wasn't happy in fact if flapped its ears at us trumpeted and ran at us. So, we backed up quickly and waited for the opportunity to zoom by. Finally Jacquie floored it and we passed the grumpy pachyderm. 2 corners later we found another, bigger, grumpier, elephant in the road but this time we waited and watched it scoop the dirt onto its back until we could pass it and make it safely to the exit. The boys agreed that elephants are big and a little scary. We are glad that God has kept us safe in Big Africa!

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